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Hello! IT pitching this week will bring you some future technology in our eduction~

Let’s take a peek!!



The first technology I want to introduce is about BRIXO.

Brixo is a bricks like the Lego, but the different is that is can flow electricity. The purpose is to generate innovative minds to young kids through innovative design using this bricks.

It is chrome-bricks coated, so no wire inside it. Short circuit will not happened. Besides can flow electricity, Brixo also can detect sound to flow electricity like the switch function.


You can have fun with the kids to built cars, helicopter and other kinetic vehicle as Brixo use built-in battery and the vehicle built could moving around!

Oh! Not forget to mention that Brixo could be connected to your smartphone using bluetooth!


This brick is very save to be played by kids, but of course; to the 3 years old above so he not put this brick in his mouth.


Below is some crative design that you could built using BRIXO and they can move!!

Let’s BRIIICK!!!!!


The second technology I want to introduce is about Microsoft Hololens. In this post, I only focus mostly on education but basically Hololens has more wider function other than in educational field.


Microsoft Hololens is a new way of interaction. Despite its usage in designing, skype, architecture, and etcetera, let’s see what Hololens can do in education!


There is some University that had collaborate with Microsoft in using Hololens. They create apps in which the users can see the illustration in 3D. The things is that Hololens is different with Virtual Reality like Occulus Rift is; Hololens let the users to interact with the virtual like it was real!

The users can see, observe and learn through Hololens.

If in the future Hololens is not expensive like curently; something like 2ooo usd, absolutely learning will be more fun in future!

Let’s see how this student learnt about human body using Hololens!


The third technology I wanna share is about Smart Table.

Everything nowadays were “smart”. From the smartphone, smartcar, smarthome, now there is smaaaart table!!


Of course Pizza Hut would say that the smart table is to design your meal; it can design how you want to create your pizza. But smart table is more smarter than to just think about food! Smart table know how to teach kids!


If Hololens is an interactive new ways for university student to study, then smart table is the option for kids’ interactive learning. Supporting up to 40 touches; smart table let’s group learning between kids. Kids could interact each other and teach their friend using smart table.

Have fun with your table!!


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