IT PITCH 2#: Different types and uses of printer

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Today I wanna discussing about the types of printers that available in the marketplace and how you can use it was depends on your necessity.


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First one, this is called inkjet because it uses ink to print out the documents and pictures. It also could be known as deskjet because its size is about your desk. Usually people use this for personal use because it is small, easy to bring along or moved the place. In example, university student uses this kind of printer.

Usually inkjet come up with color version. You need to fill all the four basic ink color – cyan, magenta, yellow and black to run it up. One ink run-out could make your printer to not printing at all even you just wanna print in black.

The pros is that it cost around RM150-RM200 for Hp brand in example. The ink might range between RM30-RM80 per color.

This how the ink look like:

Image result for inkjet color
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The cons is that it can’t print duplex(2-sided) but manually, no buck copying function and the printing was not very nice. It was water-sensitive; a drop of water will  turn the document blur, slow printing speed and at most of the time when you restart the printer, the ink catridge will drain for clean-up.

One more largest drawback is that in order to ensure the ink not clogged, you have to make frequent usage or otherwise you need to replace with new ink.


Image result for xerox docuprint

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This is office printer. It was more larger than deskjet. It is called office printer because it has more function than personal printer.

The same feature as the deskjet was it has 3in1 function: print, copy, scan. In this example was Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM225f. It can use wirelessly, connect to android apps, has document-feader for bulk copy, has a fast printing speed about 26ppm and higher printing resolution. It also has by-pass tray, can connect to USB drive, have more printing and copy function- duplex, 2in1, 4in1, 2to2, 2to1, 1to2, resize and so on.

Here some screenshot on Xerox apps:

   Fuji Xerox Print Utility- screenshot      Fuji Xerox Print Utility- screenshot      Fuji Xerox Print Utility- screenshot

Credit to: Google Play

This printer uses laser jet that was one reason of why its speed is faster. But the thing is that laser jet usually high in price. There was monochrome (black laser only) and color laser. Monochrome laser printer was as low as RM450 but color laser printer was atleast RM950.

Here was the toner or laser jet;

Image result for m22dw toner

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The pros that it has fast speed, can print up to 2600 per laser catridge, high quality printing, no ink-drainage problem (you don’t have to make frequent printing like deskjet to maintain the ink). Like the scan function, it have OCR scan (turn word image to word document), and can combine multiple image into pdf. This was useful if you wanna scan a high number of image like textbook scanning (oooops!). Oh by the way, it also can use wireless and made cloud printing.

The cons is for its laser price usually around RM200. But if you want to use generic toner or compatible toner, it will cost only around RM50 and below but you have bear the risk of using this type. Sometimes generic toner could have ink-leakage due to low quality.

One more setback is that for each 10 000 unit of printing or around 10 000 cycle, you have to replace the drum catridge which cost around RM300 for original one. For of course you would opt for RM80 for compatible drum.

Image result for fujixerox m22dw drum

Credit to: Ali Express


This age of selphy addiction now bring to a more compact and portable printer. Here the Memobird thermal printer:

MEMOBIRD Photo Thermal Printer

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You can watch the commercial advertisement video here:

Image result for memobird

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The pros is that it was very convenient. You can use apps to use. It also can use wirelessly. Very handy and portable. The price only below RM200. The thermal paper is about RM21 for 6 rolls.

The cons was that it use thermal printing, so the printing might not last long as you know how the ATM receipt was.


Image result for selphy printer

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This is compact selphy printer by Canon. It is a portable wireless cam, can connect to smaprthone apps, like instagram and photo folder.

Setting the printer was very convenience. The user interface enables users to choose how to print photo for example combine photo, ID photo and etcetera.


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The setting button also very convenient and undertandable instruction. Hence, this Canon printer is user very friendly and recommended.

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