TeamTime2 # : System Software

You are the owner of a technology consulting firm. Your current assignments include advising several start-up clients on their technology requirements. The companies include:

1. A fashion design company
2. A small financial planning company, and
3. An IT networking firm.

Because the operating system is the most critical piece of software in the computer system, the selection should not be taken lightly. The OS that is best for a fashion design agency may not be best for a financial planning firm. An IT networking firm may have different needs altogether. It is important to make sure you consider all aspects of the work environment and the type of work that is being done to ensure a good fit.

Recommend the appropriate operating system for each company.

1. Break up into teams that represent the three primary operating systems:
Windows, Mac, or Linux.
2. As a team, research the pros and cons of your operating system.
• What features does it have that would benefit each company?
• What features does it NOT have that each company would need?
• Why (or why not) would your operating system be the appropriate choice for each company?
• Why is your OS better (or worse) than either of the other options?
3. Develop a presentation that states your position with regard to your operating system. Your presentation should have a recommendation and include facts to back it up.

=============================================================================Operating System LINUX

1) A fashion design company

PROS (Benefit of Linux OS to the company)

  • Zero cost because Linux is free download, hence it saves the company’s expenses.
  • Allow designer to secure their design in computer from infection of Malware, Spyware or any viruses and being hack by external users because Linux have built-in by default, not an add-on.
  • Designer can focus on using specific fashion software i.e GIMP, and Krita, without bother on unnecessary software. These encourage designers to have lightweight desktop environment.
  • It provides a personal platform for designer to create their artwork while secure their works from external hackers.

CONS (features does Linux NOT have that each company would need)

  • Linux is not compatible for designing. This is due to the designing software Most of the designers use Mac for designing and editing as Mac offers great graphical accessories. However, Windows OS is much faster than Mac.
  • Most designers are common in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for editing and designing. Yet, Linux cannot fulfill the demand of the software. Although Linux have similar software like GIMP and Krita, however the features are not the same as the one in AP and AI.

Credit to: Khairina & Ian

2) A small financial planning company

PROS (Benefit of Linux OS to the company)

  1. Gnucash

Gnucash is released under the GPL so it is fully open sourced and is available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X, and Windows. Gnucash features double-entry accounting, stock/bond/mutual fund accounts, small-business accounting, customer/vendor/job invoicing, QIF/OFX/HBCI Import/Transaction matching, reports/graphs, scheduled transactions, and financial calculations.

  1. Moneydance

Moneydance is one of the more fully featured financial applications available for Linux and includes such features as online banking and bill payment, budget management, scheduled/recurring payments, portfolio tracking, report generation, Quicken and Money data importation, encryption, and international support. Moneydance does require Java.

  1. Appgen MyBooks

If you’re looking for commercial or accounting level software, this might be just what you need. Written for Linux (Linspire, to be exact), OS X, and Windows, this software package is double-entry and fully audited and conforms to the standards of GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles.)

  1. SQL-Ledger

SQL-Ledger is a double-entry accounting system that has an amazing list of features, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, voucher system, general ledger, inventory control, billing, time cards, POS, check printing, purchase/sales orders, taxes, multi-user/company, audit control, SQL server backend, templates, customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and financial statements.

  1. Quasar Accounting

This particular package is part of a full-fledged POS package that can be run as stand-alone accounting software. Quasar is not open source (although a purchased commercial license provides full access to the source code) and is available for Linux and Windows.

CONS (features does Linux NOT have that each company would need)

There also constrains in Linux that not satisfy small financial company. Most of the software that financial company need have in other OS i.e. Windows and Mac. A financial company requires operating system such as Spreadsheet, Word, Excel .

  • Specialize software: There is no specific accounting software in Linux to be used by accountant.
  • A small financial planning company need a software that already available in market and user-friendly. But, Linux didn’t provide a software for that beginner because the beginner is the creator of the OS. So, they need to start from the beginning.
  • Software inside Linux are not well-known by most of the accountant. So, they need an software that well-known, easy and ready to use like Microsoft Excel.
  • Calculator: A Linux does not provide a automathical calculator inside its OS.
  • Ledgar and journal format. In Linux, we need to create a software to be able to key-in all the financial data. Its consume time and experts.

Credit to : Amina & Aminah Ramzan (Amy)

3) An IT Networking Firm

PROS (Benefit of Linux OS to the company)

  1. It is very easy to install and you don’t need to install it all straight away. you can boot Linux from a USB flash drive or CD and use it from there. It will boot just fine and you don’t need to make changes to your hard drive.
  2. Developers in the company can change Linux to suit the company’s tasks. Unlike Windows.
  3. It’s free! You do not have to pay for it, so that will save the company a lot of money.
  4. The developers can distribute their changes in Linux to help other colleagues.
  5. It is known for being a more stable and secure system (The chances of getting a virus on Linux are notably lower than other OS) which help the company to secure their work and the company’s sensitive data.
  6. It consumes very little resources and space, unlike Windows. So you can practically run a system on 500MB of drive and 300mb of ram, and that clearly will save a big budget which usually companies spend on storage.
  7. There are alternatives for nearly any programme or it’s close cousin e.g. Photoshop, Microsoft Word there will be free versions.
  8. There is community support for troubleshooting.

CONS (features does Linux NOT have that each company would need)

  1. There isn’t a dedicated tech support, so getting ‘fixes’ for things is in the developers’ hands unless they want to subscribe to Enterprise Linux
  2. Drivers don’t really exist, there will be workarounds but users have reported problems when trying to use certain hardwares or old hardwares.
  3. It’s probably better used as a dual boot rather than a Windows replacement since the company can’t get propriety programs on it and although they offer cousins, it won’t be the same.

Credit to: Houssam

Why (or why not) would your operating system be the appropriate choice for each company?

Fashion Design Company

  • It is not suitable for fashion design company because it needs to have Crossover Software to enable Linux to access design software i.e Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Most designers prefer to use Adobe Photoshop because it is compatible with most hardware and easier to use.
  • Linux is not multitask software compared to Windows and Mac. It only able to switch another Linux OS distribution i.e Ubuntu, Fedora and Mint.

Credit to: Khairina & Ian

Small Financial Company

  • Throughout reading and research, we found that Linux the would not be an appropriate option because it does not have all these ‘accounting’ features. Even though, Linux have its own software for accounting but still it’s hard for certain accountants to get used using Linux for the first time. But, in the big business company they prefer to use Linux because in terms of security Linux can guaranteed and it’s zero-cost. They only need to hire Linux Engineer to take care of their system and developed software inside Linux.
  • Besides, Linux also not suitable for the financial company that still new in business. Linux is different from other OS, where you as a user can create what features they want inside the OS.

Published by : Amina & Aminah Ramzan (eMii)

IT Networking Firm

  • Our Operating System is appropriate for IT Networking Firm because Linux is free downloaded software and you don’t need to pay high cost OS like MAC and Windows. It also free if you want to distribute it..
  • Linux is free from viruses, malwares and other threats.
  • Linux also have a commercial support from company who sponsorsed it.
  • Performance of Linux. It’s been proven that Linux has higher benchmark than any other operating system. They have compared it and the result shows good indication and also shows good performance of the system for business matter.
  • Productivity: Linux has the ability to script any action in platform neutral way is priceless. This also hugely increases productivity where the majority of administration starting user desktop and ending with production system, is carried out through batches of semi automated scripts.

Published by : Umar

Why is your OS better (or worse) than either of the other options?

Fashion Design Company

  1. Support: Linux doesn’t have official organization in terms of technical support to help in order.
  2. Not authentic: Not user-friendly. User need to know programming language to handle with the Linux OS
  3. Limited Software Compatibility: Linux have limited design software inside it OS because there is no demand.
  4. Compatibility of Software: The design software inside Linux did not reach the satisfaction of using design software in Windows and Mac. It’s same but different function and have many lack.

Published by : Khairina & Ian

Small Financial Company

1. Install & Forget
Assuming you choose a stable release of your selected Linux distribution, you can, in all reality, install it and forget it. The fact that Linux is just not on the radar for those with a malicious intent means that you can lock down a system for much longer with a lot more safety. You can go without running security updates as long as the PC in question is not connected to the Internet.

Windows users on the other hand, need to run those updates regardless of their Internet connection status simply because malware can indeed be installed through means other than an Internet connection.

2. Cut Software Costs
While there is no question that most of the open source software used on Linux is also readily available for Windows as well, it is nice not needing to install it as it comes by default. Immediate access to free office suites, graphics editors, and other software means those are funds that can be put elsewhere for your business. Marketing for your business, for example.

Small financial Company no need to spend entirely too much for software these days. The cost alone company have to bear for the growing business. So, we need to be smart.

3. Multiple Desktops
The desktop Linux user has the option of multiple desktop screens in a virtual sense. With KDE and GNOME you have the option of using a simple desktop switching applet that can be loaded next to the clock if the user so desires. It’s very helpful when the company trying to fastest their accounting job with a single monitor.

On the Windows desktop, you may be able to switch windows on Vista, but that is about it. Only current version of Windows have multitask. The existence of multitask in Linux is years before. How cool is that.

Published by : Amina & Aminah Ramzan (eMii)

IT Networking Firm

  • Linux is more secure then others in term of process package management. As an example: Linux doesn’t have to install the antivirus while Windows you have to install it. Linux also is a perfect platform for programmers because it support Java, Ruby etc.
  • Linux has better community support. The number of community users active is more than any Windows users.
  • Reliability. Linux user need not to worry about reinstalling it just faster and a smoother system.
  • In terms of privacy. Linux keep highest wall of privacy than any Windows operating system.

Credit to: Umar

Develop a presentation that states your position with regard to your operating system. Your presentation should have a recommendation and include facts to back it up.



Fashion design company

Small Financial Company

IT Networking Firm

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