Weekly Hadith 3#


Published by: Amina


On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

“Part of the perfection of one’s Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him.”


One point we learn from this hadith is that from the persons bad Islam is running after what does not concern him. Islam is just not doing actions but it is also leaving things. The prophet said, “the Muslim is the one that the Muslims are safe from his mouth and hands”. The most important thing to be careful of with what doesn’t concern you is the tongue. We need to be careful of how we use it. Avoid excessive speech (control your speech). Once a man noticed the Prophet Luqman surrounded by his followers and asked him, “Weren’t you the slave of so and so? Didn’t you use to be a shepherd for so and so? How did you get to such a respectful position among people?” Prophet Luqman, peace be upon him, answered, “Truthful speech, and long silence upon what does not concern me.”

What concerns us is not defined by what our souls or hearts feel, but what the shari’a defines to be something of concern to you. Focus more on improving ourselves than look at the faults of others. Leaving things that do not concern you is just not with the tongue but also with the heart. Your heart should not be attached to the Dunya. The hereafter is eternal happiness for the believers and the hellfire is eternal punishment for the kafir. Allah is the eternal because this is from His essence and He is eternal whereas the inhabitants of Jannah live for eternity because of Allah SWT. He is the reason they are still alive and they need Him where Allah does not need anyone.

Actions are the reasons people enter Jannah with the permission of Allah. A Muslim does not enter it by his deeds alone but it is Allah allowing the slave to enter it by His Mercy. Actions are also a reason to enter the fire. Avoiding things which do not concern us is not in speech only, so we should also avoid doing actions or going to places which do not concern us. For instance, exercise a degree of shyness and modesty, as rare and endangered as these qualities are today.

Indulging in what does not concern us will be detrimental to us in the hereafter and we are in this life for a short time so we should not indulge in things in this short life that will negatively affect our situation in the eternal hereafter.

Thank you for reading.

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